Learning to Drive in Perth? Follow These Tips to Prepare for Your Upcoming Driving Lessons

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Learning to Drive in Perth? Follow These Tips to Prepare for Your Upcoming Driving Lessons 

If you’re getting ready for your first Perth driving lessons, it can be an exciting time. However, amongst all the excitement, there are a few things you should do before your first lesson. 

EzLicence has several Perth driving instructors to help get you started, but to get the most out of your lessons it’s good to prepare in advance. You don’t need to be an expert, and you don’t even need to have driven a car before. That’s exactly what driving lessons in Perth are for!

To help you get started, here are a few tips to help you get maximum benefits from your driving lessons.

Brush Up on The Road Rules

Your driving instructors are always there to help you navigate the road, and they understand you’ll be a little bit nervous. However, there’s an expectation that you have a pretty good knowledge of the road rules before you get behind the wheel. So, even if you’ve only just done your L’s test, it’s a good idea to quickly brush up on those road rules the night before a test.

Get Used to the Car

When you book driving lessons in Perth through EzLicence, it’s ok if you’ve never driven before. Sometimes it’s best to have your first drive with an accredited instructor to ensure you don’t develop any bad habits. But, it’s helpful if you know the basics of how a car works. 

If you’ve got your car, or you can get some help from family or friends, it’s great to just sit in the driver’s seat of a vehicle and learn the controls. Take note of where the pedals are, how the windscreen wipers and lights work, and the handbrake. If learning in a manual, getting used to the pedals and the gears is instrumental. This will just give you a little added confidence that you know where all the controls are.

Pack Your Bag the Night Before

The most important thing you need to bring to your driving lessons in Perth is your licence! So, if you don’t want to rush in the morning, make sure you pack all the documentation you need. Driver’s licence and logbook are the two key things you’ll need.


Book the Best Driving Lessons in Perth Today! 

EzLicence is all about giving you the tools to start your driving journey safely, quickly and with confidence. Using our online booking system, you can find and compare driving instructors in your local area. See reviews and ratings for all drivers, and choose the one that best suits your needs!

Whether you need a dual-control instructor vehicle or you want to use your car, there are plenty of options. The very best driving lessons in Perth are right here. Contact us today, or book your first lesson online. We’ll make sure you get on the road safely and with confidence!

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