Driving Instructors in Adelaide You Can Count On

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If you’re looking for an Adelaide driving instructor you can rely on, you’ll find them with EzLicence. But what does it mean to count on your driving instructor? Surely, there’s a lot more to it than just showing up on time. 

What’s important for you may not be a key consideration for everybody. So, it’s about finding out what you need from an instructor and making the smart choice. EzLicence helps you do that and so much more. Here are just a few of the things you should consider when choosing a driving instructor.

Vehicle Options

Another thing to consider when choosing an instructor is the type of vehicle you want to use. We don’t necessarily mean the make and model, but rather using your car or an instructor vehicle. The best idea is to use the vehicle you’ll most likely sit your test in. 

So, if you already have your car or have access to a family car, it may be beneficial to use the same vehicle throughout the learning process. 

Alternatively, you can use an instructor vehicle, but make sure they make the car available for your assessment. You may also benefit from a dual control vehicle for your first couple of lessons as an extra safety precaution.

Help to Progress Through the Logbook Method

In Adelaide, you have the benefit of using the logbook method to get your provisional licence. This is a great option if you’re nervous about tests and assessments. However, it can be a little more expensive. 

You’ll need to work through a series of smaller assessments with your driving instructor. While it’s less stressful, it can take longer and cost more in instructor fees.

However, finding an instructor you’re comfortable with will make the process much less painful, and you may find you even progress faster when you’re comfortable and confident.

Excellent Tuition for the VORT Method

If you choose the VORT method (Vehicle On Road Test) of obtaining your licence, you’ll need to complete 75 logbook hours. You can do this with certified driving instructors, supervisory drivers (family and friends) or a combination of both. 

Once you’ve completed the hours, you can sit an on-road assessment for your provisional licence. 

In aiming to pass the test, you’ll need to have developed safe driving techniques, which is best done with a professional driving instructor. 

Professional Adelaide Driving Instructors

You’re sure to find the best Adelaide driving instructor for you when you use EzLicence. Our simple online portal lets you find and compare instructors who match your requirements. From dual-control vehicles to assessment preparation, it’s all about what matters most to you.

You can even manage your bookings online, making it easy to start your driving journey today. So if you’re ready to get your independence with a driver’s licence, it starts right here. Book a lesson today, and EzLicence will have you driving solo in no time.

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.