Here’s What You’ll Need to Take to Your Adelaide Driving Lessons

by EzLicence Last updated

There’s a lot to think about when you first pass your L’s – above all else is when can you get behind the wheel and drive solo! While it’s an exciting time and nothing seems better than the freedom of jumping in the car and going wherever you want, first, you need to practice, practice, practice. 

And no one is better placed to help guide you through the practicalities and teach you the right skills than a qualified driving instructor.

Once you have found the right driving school for you, next comes the hard work – learning how to drive. So, to take some of the pressure off, it can be helpful to know exactly what you need before embarking on your Adelaide driving lessons. Here are the three main items you should have with you when starting.

  1. A Valid Learner’s Permit 

    It is best to carry your Learner’s Permit with you whenever you have a driving lesson. 

    This is your official certification that you are legally allowed to drive under supervision and must be with you anytime behind the wheel.

  2. “The Driving Companion” Log Book

    When you successfully obtain your L’s, you will receive the Driving Companion book. 

    This is your learner driver’s compendium of everything you need to learn about driving. 

    From compulsory driving hours, how to get your P1 licence and, most importantly, your log book, The Driving Companion is your “must-have” at your Adelaide driving lessons.

    Using your log book

    This is your record or proof that you have completed your compulsory driving hours. You need at least 75 hours of supervised driving, including a minimum of 15 hours driving at night, to satisfy your L’s requirements. 

    Every time you have a lesson, you should enter the details in The Driving Companion and have your driving instructor sign it.

  3. Suitable footwear

    You may not have considered the type of shoes you wear to your driving lesson. This is quite important as incorrect footwear can significantly impact your driving safety. 

    For example, thongs, flip flops, and sandals are not suitable as they are not secure and could fall off and impede the movement of your feet or obstruct your control of the pedals. 

    Therefore, sandshoes or fully-enclosed footwear should be worn, especially during the learning process.

Adelaide driving lessons from a qualified instructor

Learn from the best with EzLicence. Some of the state’s most experienced and highly qualified driving instructors will conduct your Adelaide driving lessons. 

Your driving instructor will help you learn essential skills, prepare for your driving test and complete your log book hours through dedicated lesson planning and flexible scheduling. 

Our online platform allows you to review the profile and rating of each instructor before you book. 

Let EzLicence guide you through the learning process. Then, contact us today to learn more or book your first lesson with one of our accredited driving instructors. 

Learn smart. Learn safe. Learn easy with EzLicence.