Can I Use My Own Car for Driving Lessons on the Central Coast?

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Can I Use My Own Car for Driving Lessons on the Central Coast?

When you’re starting driving lessons on the Central Coast, you’ll need to decide which car to use. Many learners don’t have their own car and rely on parents, family, or friends to lend them a car for lessons. However, there is another option. You can use a driving instructor’s vehicle for lessons, and you can even book the same car when it’s time to sit your test. 
There are plenty of benefits to using a driving instructor’s car, especially one with dual controls when you’re just starting out. However, some people prefer using their own car. Here are some things to consider when making the choice.


Consider the Convenience Factor

When you borrow a car from family or friends, you need to work around their schedules. Also, you might need to take up some of their time if you need to drive to the lesson. The main reason people use their own car, or a family car, is familiarity. If you are driving the same vehicle with a supervisory driver, many people like to just use the same car all the way through to testing. However, what if that car becomes unavailable for some reason?
Using a driving instructor’s car is convenient because they come to you, drop you back home afterwards, and you can usually use their car for your test as well.


Which Car Will You Sit Your Test In?

Sitting your driving test is a stressful experience for most people. So, it makes sense to sit your driving test in a car you’re familiar with. As we mentioned before, borrowing a family car is great, but what if you can’t borrow it on the day of your test? If you use a driving instructor’s car for driving lessons on the Central Coast, it’s easy to book the same car in advance for your test.
Remember, if using your own vehicle, you’ll need to get it to the testing and assessment centre. That means having a supervisory driver, and they’ll need to wait around while you sit the test.


Is Your Car Safe and Roadworthy?

Driving assessors are required to check the roadworthiness of a car before conducting a test. Obviously, this isn’t a full mechanical check, but the assessor needs to feel safe. This can be a problem if you choose to use your own car. As a learner, if you do have your own car, it’s likely not going to be a brand-new car. Often, it’s an older car that might be safe enough for you, but it’s the assessor that needs to be certain. 
Driving instructors need to keep their cars well maintained, so if you do your driving lessons and test in their car, you know it’s safe. Plus, you’ll have no problems on testing day!


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