How to Find the Right Driving School in Western Australia

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Learning to drive is an extremely important life skill. You are not only learning how to operate a vehicle but also how to safely navigate the roads. 

Therefore, having a reputable, highly experienced driving school provide you with lessons is vital in acquiring the practical knowledge to be safe on the road.  

When searching for driving schools in Western Australia, you should consider the following points before you decide on the right one for you: 

Research and read reviews

Do your research. Check online reviews and ask family and friends to get a feel for the driving schools in Western Australia and their reputation. 

Check their websites and ensure the driving instructor has the appropriate licences and accreditations. 

Additionally, your instructor should have their credentials displayed in the car so you can easily confirm they are legitimate.

Check the condition of the vehicle

Most importantly, the driving schools in Western Australia should provide your driving lessons in a vehicle that meets certain conditions:


The vehicle should be fitted with a set of operational pedals on the passenger side so the driving instructor can take control of the vehicle in an emergency.

Modern safety features

The driving school should provide newer model vehicles for lessons and be fitted with all the standard safety features, such as multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control to ensure you are protected while you drive.

Clear signage 

The vehicle should have signage that indicates to other road users when a learner driving is in control of the vehicle.

Ask informative questions

Asking the right questions can have a huge impact on your final decision on which driving school in Western Australia is right for you. So, here are some things you should find out:

How long has the driving school been operating?

Experience is important. You need to know that your instructor has an acceptable level of expertise and skill in providing lessons to other students. Reading reviews before starting lessons will help you gauge if the instructor has the qualifications and experience that you are looking for.

Will I have the same driving instructor for every lesson?

Building rapport with your driving instructor can be extremely helpful in the learning process. Having the same instructor will allow you to feel more comfortable and trust their teaching methods.

Will I be using the same vehicle each lesson?

Continuity and repetition play a significant role in how well you absorb information. Therefore, using the same vehicle allows you to get used to where all of the car's controls, systems, and functions are located.

Can I choose when and where my lessons occur?

Planning when and where your lessons occur enables you to work around your daily schedule and receive lessons when it suits you best.

This information will help inform your choice and ensure you are happy with the driving school you decide will provide your lessons.

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